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A Robust & Thriving Captive Marketplace

South Carolina has long been considered one of the top 5 mature domiciles in the Western Hemisphere. Since captive enabling legislation was passed in 2000, we have focused on developing the infrastructure, resources, and staffing to provide our captive owners with a robust and thriving captive marketplace. The result is a well-rounded domicile that can address your captive needs whether they be large or small, simple or complex.

The captive industry continues to grow in South Carolina with 211 active companies to date. The trend for the future looks very promising.

This growth would not be possible without a dedicated staff of experienced captive professionals, a business focused mindset, and of course, charming Charleston!
South Carolina has great diversity in its captive industry as well as areas of specialization. These areas include healthcare finance, banking, insurance, transportation, construction, manufacturing, and others.
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Large, small, or in between, South Carolina has the resources, talent, and expertise to address our captive owner's needs. 

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We also have the professionals to help guide you in the formation and operation of your captive. Nine of the world’s top 10 captive management firms operate in South Carolina.