Our Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment in South Carolina is designed to assist our captive owners in maximizing the benefits of their investment in owning a captive while ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations.

We are committed to provide our captive owners with the comfort of being in a domicile with a sterling reputation for reasonable but prudent regulation. With the support of our governor, legislature, and the captive community, we work hand in hand to maintain a modern, dynamic, and robust captive marketplace.

To assist you in determining where to look, remember that statutes will tell you what you need to do, and regulations tell you how to do it.

You can learn more about our laws and regulations as they apply to captive insurance companies by viewing the South Carolina Code of Laws online.

The primary statutes are §38-90 and §38-87 of the SC Code of Laws as amended. Regulations 69-60 and 69-70 provide additional details.